Results and

The project

  • Contributes to addressing various economic and societal challenges, changes in attitudes and values, strategies and policies, organisational structures and processes, delivery systems and services, by promoting both product and process innovation, as well as by developing educational solutions for the topical challenging issues, such as the rise of the unemployment rate and the high rate of local enterprises “deaths”

  • Enhances the capacity building of local TCLF MSMEs, and support their sustainability and growth by introducing them green competences, knowledge and skills to put in place green practices and green business models

  • Provides helpful and explicit guidelines for policy makers, trade associations, and public bodies to enhance and support the green transition of the textile sector, the benefits and opportunities deriving from its scale-up and replicability

    The more education providers and stakeholders adopt the products, the greater the impact will be on the EU education system as a whole. Through the involvement of local and transnational stakeholders, SiT will guarantee that the recommendations and the GreenComp framework provided should influence improvement of the TCLF sector training provisions and ecosystems in partner countries and at EU level. 



    Students,TCLF entrepreneurs and professionals upskilled in project countries


    HEI, VET, TCLF sector empowered in modernisation and performance in the project countries

    Partner organisations HEI, VET providers, TCLF SMEs

    Created/Improved Interconnection Between formal Education and informal Training and business

    Potential stakeholders



    TCLF sector development capacity and sustainability increased

    TCLF sector organisations

    TCLF representatives

    VET and HE education and training offer enriched and increased

    VET and HE providers

    Employability in the TCLF sector increased

    Unemployed people and potential new entrepreneurs in the TCLF sector

    Policy Framework for TCLF sector improved

    All stakeholders

    Long lasting collaboration between research education and business in TCLF field

    HEI, VET providers, sector organisation, TCLF representatives